Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Animated Movies

Happy 5 Fandom Friday guys!

This week's prompt comes from Sally over at The Indoor Adventurer! Definitely check her out for some nerdy awesomeness! 

My love for animated movies knows no limits
Animated movies are some of the greatest treasures to gift our eyeballs. I am a huge Disney fan but I love animated movies as a genre. Fun Fact: I actually spent a while debating on changing my major to Art and Animation! So, in no particular order, here are my top 5 animated movies!

5. Tangled

     This movie is beautiful, funny, sad, and silly all rolled into one. I fell in love with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel and I am constantly singing the soundtrack. Also, can we talk about the lantern scene?? One of my favorite movie scenes ever. I shed a tear every time I watch it. 

4. The Book of Life

     I went to go see this movie with Jonathan as soon as it came out. As a proud Latina, I've always been so happy when my culture is portrayed in films (correctly...looking at you BVS). This movie was so fun and had so many talented stars lending their voices to the characters. Plus, the art was beautiful!! I would love to cosplay as La Muerte because she has got to be the most beautiful character ever created in a movie. Plus, their was a PIG!

3. Wreck-It Ralph

     One of my absolute favorite movies. So much so, that Jonathan and I dressed up as Ralph and Vanellope for Halloween (shown above)! I adored the video game theme and the sassy spunky personality of Vanellope!

2. Corpse Bride

 Obviously, Tim Burton had to make it somewhere on this list! Although everyone loves Nightmare Before Christmas, I have to say, Corpse Bride is my all-time favorite Tim Burton film. It's so sad and beautiful. I also adore the music. I feel this is one of the darkest animated movies I've ever seen and it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

1. Mulan

     Mulan is my favorite Disney Princess. She was so brave and I love that she risked her life and literally saved ALL OF CHINA just so her fater would not be called into war. Plus, Mushu has to be my favorite sidekick ever. 

Honorable Mentions

The Lego Movie

    I hesitated about putting this on the list since it was more CGI than "animated". However, this is a movie me and Jonathan quote all the time. Plus, Everything is Awesome has to be the greatest theme song ever. This is a keychain I got for my birthday from the Lego Store of my favorite character, WyldStyle!

Alice in Wonderland

 I used to read this book all the time. I love the original animated film, much more than the newer live action film. It always gave me a creepy feeling but I adored it! The characters are drawn beautifully. Plus, I love the mean flowers. 

What are some of your favorite animated films? Did yours make my list? Let's chat in the comments, or tweet me @raineedayze

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Always, Raineedayze

Monday, May 15, 2017

Date Weekend and Graduation

This weekend was pretty fabulous!

Friday after work, Jonathan and I headed to WingDaddy's for some much-needed margaritas and quality time. We each got a Bomb-Pop Rita to start off with and it was so cool! I love Bomb-Pops, especially in the summer, so this was the perfect treat to end the semester on!

I ended up also getting a Marco Polo margarita which tasted exactly like a Sour Patch Kid. The candies were also swimming around in the (extremely large) glass!

We then headed off to Target to kill time before our movie (Lego Batman), and I ended up going a little.......crazy. 

Jonathan must love me a lot!

After, shopping around, we both were a little tired so we ended up heading home instead of the theater, where we watched Mulan and had a couples spa night in. Yeah, we are one of those couples.

Saturday, Jonathan had to work so I spent time blogging, cleaning, reading, and generally having a relaxing day at home. I could not wait to start on the huge pile of books I had waiting for me! I ended up finishing This is Where it Ends and should have my review up pretty soon!

Marta and I at dinner
Kathy and I

Becca about to cross

Sunday, I went downtown to see two of my best friends, Becca and Marta, graduate with their Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology!! I'm so proud of them. Sadly, Karina and Jonathan had to work, so they had to miss the festivities, but we are all hoping to have a get-together very soon!

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend with some fabulous people. It's weekends like this that help me get through the week.

Always, Raineedayze

Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Planets I Would Like to Visit


This week's prompt comes to us from Heather at Just Geeking By!

I love outer space. Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of learning about the massive universe and was fascinated by science fiction movies, especially the different creatures and wild planets! So this prompt was so much fun to think about.

In no particular order, here are 5 planets (real or otherwise) that I would love to visit! 

Here's some mood music for you while you read this post!

5. Saturn

     Yes, I chose a real planet to start us off. I've always been fascinated with Saturn. Maybe it was the rings, or just the iconic shape that plasters itself in my head when I think of "planets". I once did a report on Saturn and spent the entire time thinking I was so lucky because I got the best planet! (and also I wasn't the poor kid who got Uranus!)

4. Rosalina's Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)

     While not a "planet" per se, I've always loved this game and the music. The observatory is kind of like a planet since it's where Rosalina and the Lumas live. Also, the music is great to listen to and the whole feel is so magical and beautiful.

3. Transsexual (Rocky Horror)

Not a planet
 I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is my all-time favorite movie. I would love to visit the planet that birthed out Frank-N-Furter and after reading Revenge of the Old Queen, I need more of this planet in my life!

2. Gazorpazorp (Rick and Morty)

A female-run planet that is super mega girly? Yes, please!! Plus, the fact the the entire main cast in this episode was voiced by the women of Farscape only made me love this planet more.

1. Gallifrey (Doctor Who)

    Obviously, I would have liked to visit this planet in it's prime, and not destroyed. How could I resist going to the place where the universe's greatest hero was born? 

What planets would you like to visit? Let's chat about it in the comments, or tweet me @raineedayze!

Be sure to check out Heather's blog and Megan's blog for more awesomeness!

Always, Raineedayze

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Gamer Tag


Hello lovely geeks!

I found this wonderful tag through the Geek Girl x Blogger network on Facebook. This tag was created by Cassie over at Zombie Goddess Beauty. Make sure to check out her fabulous blog!

As I've said before, I'm a pretty huge gamer, so when I stumbled on a tag about gaming, I was so down. Here we go!

1. What is your gamertag?
      I am raineedayze everywhere on the web, which includes my Xbox and Steam. It was my twitter handle and luckily, nobody but me uses it on anything!

2. PC or Console?
     I think it really depends on the game. Personally, I love playing my consoles more than my PC, however for games like 7 Days to Die, Minecraft, and Terreria, the console just doesn't cut it!

3. Console of Choice?
     I probably spend most of my time on my Xbox One, but I love my Wii more than anything.

4. Handheld of Choice?
     I play my 2DS most but my favorite handheld was my original GameBoy.

5. Keyboard or Gamepad?
     Usually I would say GamePad but I've been spending so much time on my PC lately that the keyboard is feeling more natural at the moment.

6. Single player or Multiplayer?
     Multiplayer typically, especially if I stream them. Recently, I've been super stressed with school and work that I've been craving single player games so I can get lost in them for a bit.

7. What was the first game you played?
     Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros 3

8. Hardest game you have ever played?
     Paper Mario on the GameCube. I got stuck on one level and then lost my game in the move, so I have not touched it for like....10 years. 

9. What was your first gaming system?
     The N64. It was the family console though. My first console (that I didn't have to share) was my GameBoy.

10. What is your favorite game of all time?
      Donkey Kong Land for the GameBoy. Played this game so much my mom took away my Gameboy, fearful my eyes would fall out.

11. What is your current favorite game?
      Overwatch and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

12. What is your favorite video game genre?
      Goofy shooters like Overwatch, Gotham City Imposters, Microvolts, and Team Fortress

13. Favorite Video Game Character
      Hmm...that's tough. Princess Daisy and Dva are probably my all-time favorites.

14. Video game character you hate the most?
      The bad person in Life is Strange. If you've played the game, you know who I'm talking about.

15. What new game are you most excited for?
     Destiny 2

16. Favorite video game company/developer?
      Blizzard. Their games are just so gorgeous and the characters are fabulous. Plus, the cinematics!!

17. What game systems do you currently have?
     Ooh boy! We have 4+ regular laptops, one desktop, one gaming laptop, 2 Xbox Ones, 2 Xbox 360s, 1 2Ds, 1 3DS, 1 GameBoy, 2 Wiis, 1 WiiU, 1 Sega Genesis, and am currently in talks to get my old N64 back.

18. How long have you been gaming?
     Hmm....about 19 years on and off. 

19. Longest gaming session?
     Hmm....we've done a few weekends where we gamed the majority of both days. I would say, in one sitting about 13 hours. I get really bad motion sickness so it was a huge achievement. 

20. What game have you clocked the most time on?
    Oh man....maybe Overwatch?

Oh my gosh. This tag brought so many good memories and now I can't wait to game. That tag was so much fun! I can't wait to see ya'll's responses. Let's chat about it in the comments, or tweet me @raineedayze!

Always, Raineedayze

Friday, May 5, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Retro Games

It's 5 Fandom Friday, ya'll!!

This week's prompt comes from Kayla over at Epicfied

It's no secret that I love playing video games. Some of my favorite memories are playing Mario on the NES with my mom and playing Mortal Kombat on the N64. I'm pretty sure that's what shaped me into the gaming gremlin I am today!


So, in no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite "retro" games.

5. Dig Dug

     Oh my how I loved this game. My mom bought me and my sister a joystick console to connect to our TV and I spent so many hours playing this game. Seriously, if you haven't played the game, it's silly and semi-pointless but it's my favorite thing ever!

4. Donkey Kong Land (Gameboy)

      This is probably still one of my all time favorite games. I played this game so much, my mother had to take away my Gameboy just to make sure my eyes wouldn't physically burn out. I remember carrying my GameBoy everywhere just to play this game. I really miss that thing...

3. Super Mario World

     Fun fact! I actually have been playing this for a while now thanks to Jonathan's mod on my Wii! Once I booted it up, I immediately cried. I know, I'm such a weenie. But it was like my childhood had come flooding back. I remember playing this game so much as a kid and being able to share that awesome memory as an adult with the love of my life was just so.....awesome.

2. Ms. Pac-Man

     Um....hello?! She was the absolute best! My mom happens to be one of the greatest Ms. Pac-Man players I have ever met and I remember watching her play this game at the laundromat and manage to pretty much get the highest scores ALL THE TIME. Yeah, My mom is the best.

1. Space Invaders

      There is no retro gaming list that could be complete with these little critters. I love the art style, the iconic logo, and the simplicity of this game. I even made Jonathan a Space Invaders magnet for our first Valentine's Day together! 

What are some of your favorite retro games? Let's chat in the comments or tweet me @raineedayze! Also be sure to check out Kayla's blog and Megan's blog!

Always, Raineedayze

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Raineedayze Reads: The Upside of Unrequited

Hey guys!

So remember how I said in my last post that I had been reading a TON more? I'm nearly halfway through my yearly goal of 35!

I chose 35 because, since my schedule is always changing, I wanted to be able to at least meet my goals. Plus, I feel like recently my attention span has been lacking. I think I spend way too much on my phone and so I wanted to ease myself into reading more and maybe cutting out mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. 

As of right now, I am at 12 books read!


The last book that I read was The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli.



This book was awesome!!

The book follows Molly, a girl who has had 26 unrequited crushes. Her twin sister Cassie has always been smooth with the ladies but meets a girl who may have her on her toes. Molly meets Reid, a cute nerdy guy, and Will, a hot hipster dude. With all the new boys and the changing relationship with her twin sister, Molly has a lot on her mind and things are only going to keep changing.  

This book was great! I loved the diverse cast. There were LGBT characters, characters of different ethnicities, a main character who was chubby, mentally ill characters,and so much more. What I really loved about the diversity was that the characters were not "token" characters. The queer characters were not defined by their relationships as much as they were by their actual personalities. This book also mirrored real life in some of the current events that were portrayed in the book. I really loved the contemporary feel to it.

For: Fans of Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda, people who just love cute love stories

Thanks so much to Owlcrate for featuring it in your April box! I can't wait to read more fun books!

Overall Review: 5/5 

Have you read The Upside of Unrequited? If so, what are your thoughts? Let's chat in the comments!

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Always, Raineedayze

Monday, May 1, 2017

It's Gonna be May


Yes. I know you are all sick of the Justin Timberlake joke but...


I HAD to.

It is May, my lovely readers. Which means this blogger is back from hiatus. I'm sorry it was pretty unexpected and dead on my end. I had a lot of stuff from my personal life pile on with my professional life which reduced my fun time to practically nothing. In other words, I've pretty much been running on fumes since February.

But now, May is here which means 1.5 weeks of school and then 



Summer for me, as you probably know if you've been following me on social media, is my most relaxed time of the year. I typically work 3 days a week and use the rest of the time to read, drink tea, blog, and hang out with Jonathan. 

So what have I been up to since you guys last saw me? Well....

I turned 22! 

This was after the festivities

I have read. A LOT. (more on this later)

I have started subscribing to OwlCrate. 

I played a ton of games. Okay not really a ton, but some really amazing ones!

I may or may not have a surprise later this month.....?!

I'm extremely excited to be back here with you all and share my musings. I missed the community and the excitement of sharing slices of my life with you guys. Things may change a little bit around here, but we are still the same old nerds, geeking out as ever. <3 Stay tuned.

Always, Raineedayze