Thursday, May 31, 2018

Captain's Log: May Wrap-Up

Holy smokes, it's the end of May.

I had a pretty big month, from seeing my family and friends to graduating COLLEGE! In life, my May was pretty eventful. So let's recap!

| Genuine Fraud* by E. Lockhart | A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor | The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard | The Good Girls by Sara Shepard | It by Stephen King | Letting Ana Go by Beatrice Sparks/Anonymous | Jay's Journal by Beatrice Sparks/Anonymous | Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli | Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl |  

This month was a pretty great reading month for me, all things considered. I read a total of 9 books (technically 8 since I read Genuine Fraud on the last day of April). I enjoyed the majority of these books, and as you can tell, they went from serious dramas to more lighthearted contemporaries to ease myself into summer. 

| Deadpool 2 | Avengers: Infinity War | 1984 (Amazon) | The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix) |

Riverdale (Netflix) | Bob's Burgers (Hulu) | Lost in Space (Netflix) | Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Netflix) | 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) |

I actually had time to sit in bed and watch ALL THE THINGS! I caught up on Riverdale and 13RW and finally watched a bunch of stuff I had on backlog. I really enjoyed all of the things this month (except Cloverfield -_____-). I'm still going through my lists of "need to watch shows" but it's slowly working!

 | Stardew Valley (Steam) | Overwatch (PC) | Just Dance Now (Android) | Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (Steam) |

I've enjoyed my downtime, but with Jon's new schedule, a lot of my gaming has been solo, more relaxed games. I'm loving easing myself back into playing games and finding the time to de-stress. Plus, the Stardew multiplayer is SO MUCH FUN!

Other Cool Stuff:

  •  Graduation!!!
  •  I've actually been working out a ton and eating healthier
  •  So much drawing and crafting!
  •  Job applications!
  •  Internet friends!
  •  Spending many days at the pool

This is the first month I've felt really free. Summer vibes are real, my dudes. And I am thoroughly enjoying them! I have a pretty exciting June planned,  so stay tuned!

How was your May? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Raineedayze Reads: Leah on the Offbeat

I've spent most of this summer so far with a good book by the pool, so it was only natural that as soon as I picked up Leah on the Offbeat, I would be rushing to read it. I loved Becky Albertalli's previous books in this universe, and so I couldn't wait to immerse myself in her new book.

This book follows Leah, the (in my opinion), badass underrated character featured in Simon Vs. The Homosapien Agenda. First things first, Leah is a bisexual ICON. She is adorable and tough as nails, and her musings about Harry Potter, fanfic, and Tumblr were music to my very nerdy ears. 

As with all the books in this universe, there are a ton of references to fandoms, ships, and general geeky goodness.

The gang is back, now embarking on the last few months of high school and dealing with prom, dating, college preparations, and taking that scar leap into the unknown. This book was amazing in that regard and something I wish I had read in high school. 

Though I adored Leah, I do have to say her narration was probably the weakest in comparison to the previous books in the series(?). She also had more of angsty feel, very different from Molly and Simon. As a standalone, this book would have been an automatic 5 star read. However, since the book did rely on the other two books a bit more than they relied on each other, I do think it diminished it a little bit. 

The romance in this book was a bit obvious, but very adorable nonetheless, and I seriously loved the really cute moments. As always, there were a few shoutouts from the previous couples, which was always nice to see.

Overall, I gave this book 4/5 stars. It was a very cute read and Becky Albertalli has a way of writing nerdy teenagers and I could read a million books following this group.

In the spirit of it, I also made a playlist for the book! I'm getting a feel for it to see if I want to keep making these for books, so let me know if you enjoy it!


Have you read Leah on the Offbeat? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Life Update; Offically a Bachelor

It sure has been a while since I have been able to get my thoughts coherent enough to blog, but I have a huge life update to talk about!

I officially graduated from college!

I'm so happy to finally finish my degree and now, it's on to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. I have zero idea what's in store for me, but at least the hard part is over!

Other than that, I've been finally able to just relax, which for me means lounging by the pool, reading ALL the books, watching movies, and naps. SO MANY NAPS.

It feels so good to finally be done with something that I've been working for for over 4 years, but now I do kind of feel a little lost in the void. It's scary but feels really good to have so much potential.

For now, expect some more reviews, life musings, and a whole lotta weirdness!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Always, Raineedayze