Saturday, September 3, 2016

First Week of School

I'm back!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been pretty MIA lately. We didn't even have a Captain's Log this week! Don't worry, it was for a good reason.

I started my first week of school this week!

This semester, I'm taking three courses which all have labs with them so between that and work, I'm pretty much swamped all the time! It's also the first semester that I am driving myself and now that I've gotten into a daily routine at home, it's a lot to manage. I'm still slowly adjusting, but I'm certain I'll be able to incorporate all I need into my schedule efficiently. ^.^


I'm really excited about this semester as far as classes go. I'm taking microbiology, environmental toxicology, and ecology. I'm also in class with Becca for all of them! How fun is that? 

Work is.....well, it's work. I don't have much to say about it but I am happy that I was able to cut some of my hours down to fit more time in for school and my duties at home. The downside is that we will be losing a little bit of money. Luckily, we are pretty good at living on a budget thanks to eating at home and entertaining ourselves with dollar movies and free games. But if you guys have any budgeting suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!

At home, things are going pretty smoothly. Luckily, I'm blessed with the sweetest boyfriend in existence. The first few days this week, I would come home EXHAUSTED and just fall asleep on the couch. I'm ashamed to say I got absolutely nothing done those days. I didn't even get dinner on the table! Jon, knowing I was still adjusting and full of stress from other things, was so patient about it and even surprised me with ordering dinner for us on Thursday. I adore him so much!

As of right now, I'm getting back into my routine. I realized how much I rely on to-do lists! Once I wrote down what I needed, I've been so much more motivated to actually get shiz done! Also, I've been watching a lot of She's In Her Apron on Youtube. Her videos are so wonderful and she is so fun and positive! Plus she has great recipes and tips. I watch a lot of organizing, cleaning, and homemaking videos on Youtube while I clean to keep my motivation up and it really works when I feel kind of bleh.

I also have some really fun stuff coming up in the next posts for you guys including a very.....interesting cookie experience. I just wanted to update you on why I was away and what's going on here at the Raineedayze Residence. <3

Love you guys and can't wait to chat with yall soon!

Always, Raineedayze


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