Monday, August 22, 2016

Captain's Log #7: A New Hope




Good morning my lovely readers!

This week, I started working on bettering our household and making it more of a home for us. As you all know because I won't shut up about it, we actually started decorating our house and decluttering all the nonsense bits around here. It finally made this place feel like less of an apartment we moved into and more like a home that was made for us. 

So, since I'm filling the main role of the homemaker, I started putting more effort into the work that I had to do and started seeing it as not just work but something that creates an enjoyable space, not only for me but for Jon and any company that may be over. It also prevents me from having to "crisis clean" when I want to take photos or videos around my apartment. 

I'm planning on putting my daily/weekly schedules on another post, where I'll go more in depth about my life and the stuff I do. 

Also, we had a party this weekend! Becca, her boyfriend Johnathan (with an H), Karina, her boyfriend Danny, and Marta (my gang of buddies) all came by for an end of summer bash. Jonathan (no H, aka mine) and I made a concoction we dubbed "Zombie Juice" and oh boy, that stuff sure lived up to it's name. Here's us at the end of the night.

L-R: Karina, Marta, me, and Becca

We had an absolute blast and I was so happy to be able to spend a great night with the people I love.

I feel like I've talked enough for one Captain's Log so let's do this.

Our Farmhouse Life (Youtube). I found this series on Youtube through the Flylady website and I absolutely adore Hilary. She documents her life as a minimalist homemaker and her organization videos are to die for. Plus, she's always real about her lazy days and I like her truthfulness. Check her out here.

GTA V (Xbox One). I know I talked about this game previously but this game has been one of the only things I've been super excited about. Between the stress of my job, school starting back up, financial stress, and just general meh feels, it's nice to get to live a wildly different life and perform heists with Jonathan. We get to cut loose and talk trash to each other and I just miss hanging out. It's cheesy, it's offensive, but it's awesome. 

I know my Captain's Log posts have gotten a little thin lately, but between my job stress and my home stress, these are honestly the only things I've been able to do. I don't have tons of off time anymore and when I do, I really don't want to spend it trying to get myself into new things. We shall see how things go though.

Always, Raineedayze

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