Monday, August 1, 2016

Captain's Log #4: Long Time, No Blog

Hello there, peaches!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a little MIA the past week. Work was incredibly busy and when I wasn't there, I was catching up around the house. At long last, we are finally decorating!! Here's what we've gotten up so far.

Our Bar


Although I've been running behind on emails, social media, and the blog, I had to be here for our weekly Captain's Log! Let's do this!

Sex and The City (HBO GO). I unabashedly love this show. I've been watching it for years but now that I finally have HBO GO, I decided to rewatch the series from the beginning. I've read the book the show is based on and in the first season, it's very true to the novel style. However, the first season has always been one of my least favorites. All first seasons are still finding the character styles and writing direction so it's always a bit different than the rest of the show, but I love having this gem on my TV while I clean and work online. 

We'll Never Have Paris (Starz). I hear about this movie on the Nerdist podcast a few months ago. Simon Helberg (Howard from The Big Bang Theory) creates and stars in this movie, based on the time he accidentally left his then-girlfriend, now-wife. I loved this movie and it tugged at my little heart. Funny, romantic, and a little slow to start, you'll be glad you watched it!

Pac-Man Party (2DS). Jonathan surprised me with a bunch of games for my 2DS and I immediately got hooked on this game. It's very simple, much like Mario Party meets Monopoly. Story mode has Pacman (the player) against the ghosts to collect a certain number of cookies by going through the bard, building castles, and winning minigames. It sounds a little strange, but it's a pretty fun way to pass the time.

Life is Strange (Xbox). Life is Strange just became free on Xbox Live, so of course I had to get it. I've been wanting to play it for awhile so I'm super behind but I love this game! It's a game that plays based on your choices, so gameplay is vastly different each time. I just started the game the other day, so I'm still getting the feel for it. However, it's very promising and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Pocket Mortys (Android and iOS). This game plays like Pokemon but instead of catching Pokemon, you catch variations of Morty from different universes in order to battle the Council of Ricks. As a huge fan of  Rick and Morty, this game is funny and addicting. Jonathan and I have been playing it in lieu of Pokemon Go recently and I adore it!

Silver Crystal for Sailor V (Android). I actually found out about this game from Desiree's blog and immediately downloaded it. It's absolutely adorable and I find myself pulling out my phone every time I have a free moment just to collect for gems. I unlocked Sailor Jupiter right before I broke my phone but the data never saved so I have to unlock my characters again (*tears*), however, due to my obsession with it, I'm very close to 10,000 gems again. This game is only available through their website or their FB page, so check it out!  

 What are you guys up to this week? Let's chat!

Always, Raineedayze

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