Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Loot Crate Level Up - Futuristic July

Hey ya'll! 

Today I'll be reviewing July's Loot Crate Level Up package! The theme for this month is "Futuristic". I originally subscribed to the actual Loot Crate box and the Level Up but I just reduced my subscription this month to just two of the Level Up items. Luckily, there was a bundle package for the Lvl Up T-shirt plus the Loot Crate for Her item for $20.00, which were the two I was most excited to get. Let's open it up!

 The bag felt surprisingly light this month. Even though I only get two items, the past few months have been pretty big items so I could already tell this was going to be a bit different.

These were the two items in the bag. It didn't come with a card this month for some reason. The Voltron shirt is really cool and the colors are very bright against the blue background. It reminds me a lot of Majora's Mask because of the blocky prism effect.
As for the Bioshock tank, I love the material and the fact that it's a tank top. I have yet to play Bioshock so I can't comment on the design much. But the colors are very cute and I enjoy the design.

Because this didn't come with a card, I had to watch multiple unboxings to figure out what the tank top was supposed to represent, which kind of bummed me out. All in all, this was a decent month but I think I can't appreciate it as much since I'm not a huge Bioshock fan. I was hoping that Rick and Morty would be part of these items instead of just the socks but that's the risk you take with a subscription box.

What do you think? Is it worth the money? Let's chat about it!

 Always, Raineedayze

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