Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Captain's Log #5: It's D&D!

Happy Monday everybody!

This week, I am still on my nerd high from this weekend. Your girl learned D&D yall!

We attended a workshop on Saturday for D&D character creation at our local game shop. I had heard of this game shop from a Geek Girl Brunch but hadn't been able to check it out until this weekend but OH MY GOSH it was amazing!
Workshop photo! Courtesy of Knight Watch Games

I had never played D&D before but I always wanted to try it out. Jonathan knew more about it than I did but he also has never played, so we attended a character creation workshop that turned into 7 hours of us learning and exploring the different character types and creating our first characters!!! I chose a Noble Rogue Tiefling and Jonathan created a Soldier Dragonborn Barbarian. It was so much fun bringing these characters to life and we made new friends! The guy running the workshop is going to help us set up groups sometime in the next few months so I'm really excited to read the handbook and develop my character more for our first game! 

Aside from that, let's get to our Captain's Log this week!

D&D Players Handbook 5th Edition. Obviously this is at the forefront of my reading list because I'm so ready to know everything about the game. I'm extremely excited to learn more and develop my skills with this book.

Pokemon: Indigo League. When I was a kid, I wasn't able to watch Pokemon. My parents mostly made me watch whatever they watched, so I missed out on that whole era. With Pokemon Go out, Jonathan decided it was high time for me to watch some Pokemon so we found this gem on Netflix and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!

Spelunky (XBOX 360). This was a free game and I decided to check it out since it reminds me so much of Terreria. I really liked the game but I wasn't a huge fan of the permadeath. Still, a fun way to pass the time!

Happy Wars (Steam, Free-to-Play). Most of the games I get from Steam are free-to-play. I found this game while looking for some good co-ops and oh my gosh this game is adorable. Sadly, it doesn't run on Jon's laptop but it's such a cute game!! A goofy RPG that will definitely have you giggling!

UPDATE: Apparently this post never published on it's schedule, so I'm sorry for the late post!! 

What are you guys up to? Let's chat about it babes!


Always, Raineedayze

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