Saturday, July 8, 2017

Vacation Recap

Happy July my doods!

I just got back from vacation and I had an absolute blast! This will affect my June Wrap-Up/July Goals posts so expect them, just a little later. 

Last week, my dad, sister, grandma, and cousin came down to see me and Jonathan. We took a trip to Six Flags the day after and we had an absolute blast. I am not the biggest fan of amusement parks, mostly because I am not a fan of roller coasters, heights, etc. I'm a huge chicken.

But, I am a HUGE fan of gift shops and food, so Jonathan and I took a really long shopping excursion around the park and he bought me a bunch of cute things. I also ate a ton of yummy, overpriced food and rode the Spinsanity (tilt-a-whirl) about 50 times. It was so fun!

And then my dad almost broke the Batman ride.

After we had lunch, we went back inside the park and my dad decided to get on the Batman ride. Now, my dad is not an easily scared guy, but spinning rides make him woozy. So, here's a video of what the Batman ride does.


So, this was already a bad idea, especially after chicken salad, but my dad, not one to back down from a challenge, was ready to go anyway. Apparently, my dad started making weird heaving noises and faces and THE PARK HAD TO STOP THE RIDE because they thought he was dying. He survived, and was so red after he got off the ride! It will definitely be something to make fun of him for, forever.

Dad, Sister, Cousin, Grandma

Also, my grandma rode the Superman! On her 70th birthday as well. Go grandma!

Thursday, my family left back home and Jon and I took the day to relax. Friday, we went to SeaWorld since we rarely use our passes, and spent the entire day in the lagoon. 

I have a nice tan, a relaxed mindset, and am glad to be back!

Hope you are all enjoying your summers!

Always, Raineedayze

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