Saturday, August 25, 2018

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Movie Review

In case you somehow haven't heard, Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before has been made into a Netflix Original Movie and it just came out last week!

The book series is one of my absolute favorite trilogies EVER and was one of the first super-hyped books I started reading when I started getting into book blogging. I actually buddy-read the series with Becca and we would constantly text back and forth about the characters (mostly sobbing and heart emojis).

So of course I immediately watched the movie as soon as it came out and I frantically texted Becca to see if she was watching. She wanted to do a watchalong on Friday the 24th, so since I was already 80% into the the movie, I decided to host a rewatch for me/new watch for her and OMG you guys!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about this movie and I know it says review up there but let's be honest. This movie was golden. Literally nothing was wrong. It was flawless. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are literally Lara Jean and Peter and I was just so good.

Also spoilers ahead for both the movie and books at your own risk.

As far as casting goes, it was just spot-on. John Corbett as Mr. Covey was just amazing. I loved him as Aiden in Sex and The City and he actually was my dreamcast for LJ's dad while I was reading. So that just made my entire life. Kitty was so adorable and spunky. I honestly liked her better in the movie than I did in the book (at least the first one). Janel Parrish really acts like Margot and embodies the big sister vibe from book-Margot. 

And obviously, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. Yes. Just so much yes.

Like...look at these cuties.

Okay let's talk about THAT scene at the end of the movie. It's no secret I am a HUGE John Ambrose McClaren fangirl (sorry Peter). I loved him so much in the book and the scene in the book with the 1940's dress up party thing.....asdfgksfgajksd. Okay. So what does this movie scene mean?? To me, it really pushes for a sequel and given how much people are loving this movie, I think it may get one. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but I really need some more John Ambrose, and the love triangle between him, LJ, and Peter "whoa whoa whoa" Kavinsky will seriously just break me. I need this. 

As far as differences between the movie and books, there wasn't a huge difference. I loved how cool Chris was in the movie as she was kinda (hella) flaky and meh in the book. Also, a girl who sneaks out of school to get Subway is literally the coolest. I think the movie  did a great job of sticking to the source material and with Jenny Han being so involved in the project, I think it really helped. Also, the Jenny Han cameo was literally the best. 

I really loved that they brought Lucas out more in the movie. He is a little fleshed out in the book but he was absolutely amazing and supportive in the movie. I need more Lucas St. Clair in my life like now. 

Of course, I couldn't talk about TATBILB and not dicuss the outfits. I mean...




The outfits were so great and Lara Jean is #fashiongoals.

As you guys can tell, I absolutely LOVED this movie. What are your thoughts? Let's chat about it!

Also, check out my review of the book series here!

Always, Raineedayze

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