Saturday, September 1, 2018

Captain's Log: August Wrap-Up

I know every month I am surprised that the month has ended. But it's super weird that we are already in the fall. It's so surreal that this year has already held so much and it's almost over. So let's recap on August.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn | Reality Check by Jen Calonita | Gone by Stacy Claflin | Held by Stacy Claflin | Over by Stacy Claflin | Annie's Baby by Beatrice Sparks | Almost Lost by Beatrice Sparks | Calling Maggie May by Beatrice Sparks | The Book of David by Beatrice Sparks | It Happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks | Fallout by Ellen Hopkins | The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Marrison | Push by Sapphire |

This month I read a total of 13 books. As you can tell there was a bit of a pattern with my reading this month. For some reason I was just super in the mood to read dark and PSA type stories. I have a very guilty addiction to Beatrice Sparks' books. She wrote Go Ask Alice and toted it as an anonymous diary but things were pretty shady surrounding it so I usually take her books with a grain of salt. But they are addictive and super cheesy sometimes. Also, this month I finished the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins. Jonathan was super into the books and would ask me to recap them while I read so he could enjoy them as well. Another series I read this month was the Gone series by Stacy Claflin. I actually got the first book free on Amazon last month and I read them at work. Man, they weren't excellent writing-wise but the story was again so dramatic and addicting, that I devoured the last two books in one night! 

Overall, this month's books weren't the best rating-wise, but entertaining nonetheless.

The Darkest Minds | To All the Boys I've Loved Before | Ocean's 8 | I, Tonya |

Little Witch Academia (S1) | Disenchantment | Daria | 

All the movies I saw this month were stellar. Ocean's 8 was so badass and empowering. TATBILB was amazing (I even wrote a review of it) and The Darkest Minds was really interesting. I had never read the series but it really made me want to pick up the books to see if the movie did it justice. I also saw I, Tonya this month even though I had been super against it after seeing an interview with Nancy Kerrigan done during the premiere. However, the movie was entertaining to say the least, regardless of where you stand on the actual case. Also the soundtrack was 

As for TV, I finished Season 1 of Little  Witch Academia. I really adored the show as it kind of felt like Sailor Moon meets Harry Potter which is just a great pairing. I started watching Disenchantment which has been really good so far. I am doing another rewatch of Daria as well since sometimes I just want to cuddle with Jonathan and have something familiar on the TV.

World of Warcraft | Overwatch | Project Zomboid | Pokemon Go | 

This month I had a lot of stress pushing me down and what better way to de-stress then video games? I started getting back into WoW and it's really helped me push work and life stress away because it's kind of hard to be stressed when you are a hulking Orc woman on a quest. I also started getting back into Pokemon Go now that you can add friends and send gifts to them. I've been catching some great Pokemon with it as well and I bought a Pokemon beanie from Hot Topic this month which I wear while hunting, which totally gets me in the zone.

Other cool things this month:

- I got a full-time job. (Not super cool but money is fantastic!)
- I started drawing again!
- IGGPPCamp!!
- I finally picked up a new headset and fixed my computer issues!
- I bought the DVa Nendoroid and DVa Figma!

How was your August? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze

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