Saturday, March 9, 2019

Artwork, Youtube, and More Life Updates

So following my last post, I've been working on myself and my life lately and though it fluctuates, it's been a lot better just focusing on myself.

Also therapy. Lots of therapy.

But while I've been doing this, I've been setting lots of new goals, both small and big, to kind of jumpstart back to where I was before all of this.

And if you have been an avid reader here, you know that I have been really pushing to start drawing, improve my skill, and gain confidence to post my work.

So one of my steps has been creating an art instagram! So if you wanted to check it out and see my progress, feel free to check it out @raineedayze_art. And while you're there, feel free to follow my main @raineedayze!

(Ya like that shameless self-promo?)

Other than this, I also started reading some more. Just like when I first started reading again, I've been bringing a book with me everywhere and got a lot of my reading done in waiting rooms, car rides, and while running long errands like laundry.

But the good news is that means more reviews will be coming here on the blog and more bookish posts so if you are a fan of that, your prayers have been answered!

Also for some interesting news, I started uploading on YouTube! So if you just can't get enough of me, you can see streams, unboxings, vlogs, and more nerdy content there as well. Obviously I'll be updating this blog more since it's a lot easier to write than edit a video but check it out as well here!

Again I wanted to thank all of you who have shown support and who read this blog and have reached out to me whether IRL or online. It means a ton. <3

Always, Raineedayze

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