Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review: GeekChicCosmetics Haul

Hey all you happy people!

Today, I decided to formally publish my review of my haul from Geek Chic Cosmetics. If you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, you may have seen my unboxing and swatches of the products. However, now that I've used the products a ton, I think I can finally write an actual full review! 

This is a completely honest review and is not sponsored by anyone. All products were purchased by Jonathan (who is seriously the greatest) and we weren't paid for this. Although, if you wanna send me free makeup GCC, I'm so down. ;)

The Products

The Sailor Moon Collection plus the Collector's tin

The Overwatch Collection (sans tin)

Power-Up Primer (both potted and in a tube)

Cara Mia Lip Zazz Liquid Lipstick

Sweet Transvestite Joystick

Once Bitten Joystick

Single Player Shadows in Katamari King and One Ring (any shadow not part of a collection is considered a "Single Player")

BONUS: Free Samples of Boop eyeshadow included with each purchase


 Overwatch Shadows
          - Right Beside You (Mercy)
          - Fire At Will (Zarya)
          - Justice Rains From Above (Pharah)
          - Deja Vu (Tracer)
          - One Shot, One Kill (Widowmaker)
          - Nerf This! (D.Va)

Sailor Moon
    - Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
    - Queen of Darkness
    - Space Turbulence
    - Mars Snake Fire
    - Submarine Reflection
    - Chronos Typhoon
    - Silence Glaive Surprise
    - Crescent Beam Shower
    - Mercury Aqua Mist
    - Twinkle Tell
    - Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber
    - Flower Hurricane
    - Boop* (Not part of the Sailor Moon Collection)

Single Player Shadows
    - Katamari King
    - One Ring

Lips (L-R)
   - Sweet Transvestite
   - Cara Mia
   - Once Bitten

The Reviews

Flower Hurricane & Rainbow Moon Heart Ache w/ primer
All the eyeshadows were so beautiful! They glide on nice and easy and pack tons of color. I was a bit wary when I swatched them because of how incredibly shimmery they were. I was nervous they were going to be too much glitter and no substance. However, the colors are still vibrant without being cartoony and combined with the primers, stay on all day!

The primer is fabulous at what it does. However, it is very difficult to glide on your eyes since the formula is so thick. It was difficult to spread without pulling my eyelid. The stick primer was much easier but still wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped. But as for staying power, it does amazing.

Cara Mia
The liquid lipstick was GORGEOUS. The color was very rich and I felt like Morticia Addams when I wore it. I do suggest moisturizing your lips like crazy before you apply though. It can make dry lips flake like crazy. However, just a light balm underneath keeps this looking fabulous and feeling perfect!

The Sweet Transvestite Joystick was a gorgeous blood red. It had a copper hue to it which paired well on top of the the Cara Mia lipstick. I thought the color was going to be redder but it turned out to be a wonderfully unexpected shade. I definitely got Rocky Horror vibes from it and it glides on so smoothly.

Once Bitten
My Once Bitten Joystick has become a daily fave. Not too hard to pair with any eyes but still bold enough for me. It glides on with full coverage in one swipe and I like the shape of the tubes. Very easy to store and the color is great!

As for the overall purchase, the prices were great for the amazing quality of the products. I also loved the service. I ordered my products during the Black Friday Sale and received them before the 13th. It was obvious they took time in making each product great and look awesome. With loose glitter, packaging can often get a little messy in transit. I can gladly say all my shadows were in great condition with limited glitter fallout. Some of the seals inside the product were a bit shifted but since the package was well sealed on the outside and inside, no harm was done. 

My Final Thoughts

All the eyeshadows were great and I've loved the multitude of colors. I was able to pair some of the colors extremely well with each other and they also pair nicely with Urban Decay's Electric Palette. For a brow highlight, I love Mercy's shade "Right Beside You". I also love the Sailor Moon shade "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" for highlighting my inner eye. The Widowmaker shade "One Shot, One Kill" and the Sailor Moon "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber" shade both help give depth to a killer smokey eye and I love pairing them with the One Ring shade. Seriously, the glitter in One Ring is PERFECT.

Out of all these products I have to say my winner for best product is the One Ring eyeshadow due to the amount of glitter packed into it. It's great to pack on your lid or your lips on top of red lipstick. Basically, this is like the chocolate of products. You can never go wrong with it. 

Which one was your fave? What are some of your favorite geeky beauty products? Let's chat about it!

Check out GeekChic Cosmetics here!

Always, Raineedayze

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