Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Review: Shark Dating Simulator XL

So, dating sims.

We either love them, hate them, or pretend to hate them and just hide our Steam activity. I fall into the first category. Give me all the dating sims, the goofier the better.

So when I heard about a game where you can date sharks, I pounced on grabbing it. For 99 cents, I could definitely jump aboard the shark loving.

Shark Dating Simulator XL is a game where you, literally, date a shark. For the record, this is what your date looks like:

The game is still in early access so a lot of the features are still unavailable. But the main storyline is pretty ridiculous and hilarious on it's own.

You play as an unnamed character who has (somehow) gotten a job working for a woman who is determined to prove reports of talking sea animals in the area. It's up to you to go down there and bring her one.

Your character gets sidetracked by a lady shark who insists you take her on a date. Hilarity, and crude jokes, ensue.

The game has a "ball counter" and different dialog options can grant you more balls, played to a robotic voice announcing "You Got BALLS". At the end of the story arc, you're choices are evaluated and you must use the balls (oh gosh this is hard to type with a straight face) to be able to be with your lovely shark date.

This game features crude jokes, naked sharks, and is overall incredibly NSFW but it is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and look forward to the new content. Not for the easily offended or those looking for a long storyline.

As of right now, there is only one story arc available but the developers are currently working on more shark love interests and accepting feedback from players

Shark Dating Simulator XL is available on Steam for 99 cents.

Would you play this game? Let's chat in the comments or tweet me @raineedayze!

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