Friday, June 1, 2018

June Mini-Goals


Now that is officially, full fledged SUMMERTIME, it's time to set some goals and make the most of what will probably be my last summer vacation.

I've thought a ton about what I wanted to accomplish this month, and I realized I want to use this free time to do all the things I've been putting off the rest of the year. 

1. Watch more documentaries

We live in an age where knowledge is so easily accessible, and yet I feel I haven't been taking advantage of it. I want to watch more documentaries and learn more about the world. I'm a huge trash tv junkie, and while I will never give up my overly dramatic shows, I should definitely get some quality stuff in my brain too!

2.  Be Active 30 Minutes/Day


I've actually been doing really well, health-wise and I want to stay on track. Our pool is open and it feels so nice to be out and moving. Plus, my body has never felt so good! I feel stronger and my back is not in so much pain. Also, getting a quick 15-minute workout each morning has really set the mood for my days and motivates me to get out of bed. Let's keep it up in June!

3. Post 3 Book Reviews

I'm loving reviewing books for this blog and I realized I have a huge passion for talking about books. I've been looking into careers where I can put my love for books to use, but for now, I really want to improve my reviewing and talk about books with as many people as possible! It's just so nice to connect with so many cool people who just GET IT. I really want to work more book reviews and bookish things into my life.

4. Take some #SummerVibes pictures

Summer is such a magical time. Everything is a little bit brighter and lot more free. I want to take advantage of this by capturing all the best summery moments to remind myself of how great life can be. I made a list in my planner of a few summer ideas and I can't wait to share some of them this summer.


5. Hit the Pool!

I love the pool and now that our apartment has it open, and I can visit the college pool as an alumni, I really should take advantage of it. Not only is it an excellent workout, it's so relaxing to be in the water, especially in the Texas heat!!

What are your summer goals for June? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze

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