Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Raineedayze Reads: Ship It

One of the biggest things in my life is my love for many fandoms. I am a huge, unapologetic fangirl of many things (as if you couldn't tell) and I absolutely love reading about being a fangirl and sharing the fangirl experience with other people.

Ship It by Britta Lundin is NOT what I was expecting and unfortunately left this fangirl with a bad taste in her mouth.

Beautiful cover, not so beautiful story

The book is told in a dual-perspective, following superfan Claire, a Tumblr-famous slash-fic writer and Forest, the star of the show Demon Heart and the object of Claire's fanfics.

The fandom in this book is SUPER similar to the Supernatural fandom, and like many others have stated in their reviews, it seems like a lot of this story was lifted from a very real fan situation that happened regarding Destiel and Jensen Ackles.  (Also, let it be known that I adore Jensen Ackles and co.)


Essentially, Claire heads to a local convention where the stars of Demon Heart will be, and in a very "never meet your heroes" kind of way, asks a question during the panel regarding the homoerotic subtext of the main characters. Forest, denies any subtext and along with the showrunner, shoot it down. In order to fix this PR disaster, the Demon Heart publicist brings Claire along for the rest of the convention-circuit and drama ensues.

Also there is a super unhealthy love story in this book.

As always, if you have not read this book, avert your eyes for the paragraph between the lines!


Tess and Claire's relationship is ridiculously unhealthy. Tess outs Claire to multiple people and pressures her to label herself, which made me super uncomfortable. Claire and Tess also argue ALL THE TIME, so I could never really root for them. Aside from a cute scene in a diner, they were probably better off Tumblr friends.

Claire also casually KIDNAPS JAMIE. And hacks his Twitter account, but it's okay because he is queerbaiting fans. Seriously. Claire was pulling a Misery situation and threatened Jamie because he refused to make her ship canon. Jamie was NOT a good guy but kidnapping him and stalking his old photos was too much.

Claire also writes fics about Rico and Forest using personal information Forest has shared with her. One of these insinuates Forest's father abused him and all she says is "I'm sorry." Forest forgives her and all is well. DUDE NO.

I kind of get the message the book was trying to say. That representation matters and everyone's opinions are valid. However, this book used so many awful ways to get there and it was just ridiculous.

The only redeeming things in this book: Caty (somewhat), Rico, and Claire's parents, although they were super one-dimensional.

Overall, this book was just so bad. I gave it 2/5 stars. The writing style was nice, but the story was just terrible. The cover is so beautiful, but this book will not be on my shelves much longer I think.

Have you read Ship It? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze

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