Thursday, March 1, 2018

Captain's Log: February Wrap-Up

I talked a little bit about my month in my monthly goals post, but in short, February wasn't the most productive of months, especially when it came to free time.

With graduation looming, I am spending most of time finishing up school and related college things instead of doing anything fun. But I am told it will be worth it.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman | Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu | My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier | The Boss by Abigail Barnett | The Girlfriend by Abigail Barnett

This month wasn't the best reading month numbers-wise, but the overall quality was pretty good. I had planned to read 9 books, but the 5 I read were generally great. Any month when I read Neil Gaiman is a good month for me. Also, I fell into The Boss series by Abigail Barnett. It's like the 50 Shades series but with more consent and actual healthy relationships. 

The only book I wasn't a fan of was My Sister Rosa. I left a review on Goodreads that you can check out here, but in short, the book was just so dull. I'm kind of bummed it took up so much of my reading time this month.

Heroes of the Storm (PC) | Cat Goes Fishing (Steam) | Kitty Powers: Matchmaker (Steam) | Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (Steam) |

This month, I did a lot of small gaming sessions when I had free time, usually only for an hour or so. Luckily, Cat Goes Fishing and Kitty Powers, were both pretty short daily games that I could kill a few minutes with. The new Orwell game came out halfway through the month and I was able to spend a day with it. The rest of the series comes out later in March but since the game is so short, I may wait until the whole game is out to play it. Overall, the games were mostly just time-wasters and nothing I really immersed myself in.

How I Met Your Mother (Hulu) | Daria (DVD) |

Harry Potter (rewatch) | Black Panther |

The stress of this month extended to my media habits. No matter how many times I've seen it, I am always bingewatching HIMYM, especially in times of stress. 

I also picked up the Daria box set and have been rewatching the episodes with Jonathan. The show has been one of my absolute favorites for years, and I love the nostalgia. 

For movies this month, we finished up our Harry Potter rewatch and many tears were shed. I also saw Black Panther and wrote a review for it, which you can find here.

Other Cool Stuff This Month

* I turned 23!

* Valentine's Day was a thing!

* More dates!

* Healthier diet and upping my water

* Starting the process of getting back into therapy!

All in all this month was stressful, but I feel like the gave me a chance to reflect and make March even better. 

Always, Raineedayze

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