Monday, July 11, 2016

Captain's Log #2 - Preparation and Disaster


Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope your Monday is better than mine. I broke my phone walking into work today, and it looks like it's gonna be a lot of money to fix it, so I'm not very excited to foot that bill. The LED is currently bleeding into the screen and though it looks amazingly trippy, it's pretty crushing.

We are also preparing for a family vacation this weekend! We will be traveling a couple hours to camp with some of my family and I'm very excited to see everyone, since it's been a year since I've seen both my aunts. Jonathan and I are huge campers, so this week looks promising. We are going comfortable camping and our cabin has WiFi and central A/C so it's not the "great outdoors" but I'm really excited to get together and be surrounded by nature! Expect plenty of pictures and a full recap when I'm back home!

In true Captain's Log fashion, let's get down to the week!

 Jawbreaker (Movie). This is one of my favorite movies and if you have yet to see it, please finish this post and WATCH IT! The movie follows queen bees Courtney, Julie, and Marcy "Foxy", who accidentally kill the fourth member of their group with a jawbreaker. Yes, the candy. It's hilarious, the lines are so quotable, and it features cameos from Marilyn Manson and The Donnas. Plus the main cast is stellar! Rose McGowan, Judy Greer, Carole Kane, Pam Grier, Jeff Conaway, and Rebecca Gayheart all contribute to this movie and it's absolutely peachy effing keen.

 Board With Life (webseries). So I just found this series on Youtube while looking for a gameplay video and I absolutely adored it! The series follows a gaming group though their weekly game nights. At first, I was a little hesitant because it seemed to pit the wives in the group as killjoys for a "boy's club" and as a female gamer, I was a little turned off by this. However, as the show continues, it really does provide character depth, growth, and it makes you feel for all the characters. Plus, the actors (who also direct and write the show) are super sweet and have a bunch of cool stuff going on. Without spoiling it, it's something that should be watched the whole way through. The two seasons can be found here.

Gameinformer (Magazine). Okay, I know this sounds like a strange pick, but when we renewed our GameStop rewards, we were offered a subscription to GameInformer, a gaming magazine. I picked it up and must say, I look forward to getting the other issues. It sparked really great discussions between me and Jonathan ("Would you rather have a year of DLC or a sequel to a game?" "Are we buying the NX?") and I just love having an actual magazine in my hands instead of opening up 20 different gaming websites to get varying information. If you're on the fence about subscribing, go for it!


Overwatch (PC). I wrote my last post about Overwatch, but guys.....the game is SO GOOD! I'm obsessed with Dva and this game is my type of FPS. I like FPS in general, but I really enjoy goofy storylines (think Team Fortress 2, Gotham City Imposters). This game has incredible artwork and the character backstories are amazing! A friend of mine really enjoys Widowmaker and Jonathan switches between all the characters. All in all, this game is AWESOME.

Machi Koro (Tabletop). I have an extensive review of this game coming up soon but to sum it up, I adored this game. It's a very simple tabletop game and though some may find it too simple, I really enjoyed not having to spend half the game confused about what to do. It's a great starter game for tabletop novices. Plus, the trash talk opportunities are wonderful. And, I got to make a lot of puns, so that was great. 

What are you guys reading/watching/playing? Do any of these sound interesting? Let's chat about it!!

Always, Raineedayze

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