Thursday, July 21, 2016

Raineedayze Reviews: Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps

Hey guys! 

Today, I'm going to be reviewing Espionage Cosmetics' Nail Wraps. 

I bought these wraps about a week ago from their website. Each package was on sale for about 2 dollars and my grand total came to 8 dollars for three wraps plus the two dollar shipping fee. 

2 of the 3 I bought. I opened the circuit board wraps early.

When I opened the package, the wraps came in nice little boxes with a quote to match the design on the wraps. I chose the circuit board design, a d20 design, and a comic book inspired design. All the artwork on the wraps was really cute and a good quality. For 2 dollars, this looked like a great deal.

Each box contained a set of 12 nail wraps, contact information on this cool thin plastic card, instructions, and a coupon for 30% off my next purchase. Everything was nicely packaged and very unique. 

Instructions are super cute too!

I read through the instructions and the seemed pretty straightforward. Jonathan helped me place my wraps on. Here's the finished look.

Ignore the ring tan line.

As you can see, it's been a few days and I use my nails a ton (I'm still not used to having longer nails, as I used to be a huge nail biter). They've stayed on well, with slight chipping on the edge of the middle finger. Nothing crazy, they still look great.

Since this is a review, I wanted to see how a normal person would do applying a decal themselves. I applied the wrap on my thumb and as you can tell, I don't have the best skills but it still looks pretty great, especially since not a lot of people will be staring at my thumb.

My hands are so strange looking!
  As for the application, it was pretty easy to apply. We messed up on the first nail (my nail application was the second attempt) because we didn't notice the plastic film on the top. I also didn't know I was supposed to buff my nails beforehand (I have little nail experience) so it didn't stick very well at first. Luckily, after the tester, it was very easy to go through the rest of the hand without problems.

Price: 11/10 
  - For 2 dollars, these are amazing. I did get these on sale, but they are worth the full 12 dollar price tag. The website also has some amazing deals on all sorts of cosmetics.

Application: 8/10
 - They were pretty simple to apply. If you have more nail experience, you will probably be able to apply these quicker and better than I, but for a first timer, I was pretty pleased.

Instructions: 8/10
 - I wish it would have told me about the buffing beforehand, but they are very clear and concise otherwise. Plus they include a video tutorial if pictures aren't your thing.

Overall: 9/10

I would definitely buy these again and including a coupon gave me more incentive. I'm absolutely delighted with these and can't wait to wear my glittery comic book nail wraps on the first day of school this year.    

I really dig these wraps. If you are interested in purchasing them or checking out their other items (their Gamer Girl collection is to die for!), you can find them here.

What do you think? Let's chat in the comments!

Always, Raineedayze

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