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5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Episodes

Happy Friday!!

This week for 5 Fandom Friday, I decided to do my own prompt. The original prompt for this week was "5 Epsiodes/Seasons I Would Delete From a Show". Personally, though, I feel like even the sucky episodes make the show what it is. Call it a "season flaw". I just can't imagine getting rid of one bit of any show. (Except for the subplot with Joey and Rachel, because COME ON). 

So for my prompt, I chose my 5 Favorite Episodes of all time!! 

5. That 70's Musical - That 70's Show

    Oh the token musical episode. I love these episodes, even though they typically contribute little to nothing to the overall plot. But, they are so much fun!!! This episode revolves around Fez preparing for his performance in the school musical, but the gang doesn't seem too excited to watch him perform. 

Highlight of the episode: The Joker

4. Viva Las Vegas - Roswell

     After coming into a huge amount of money, Michael decides to take a guys trip with Max to Las Vegas. Somehow, the entire gang ends up going there and hilarity (and heartbreak ensue). 

Highlight of the episode: "You're in for a rare treat - a dream coming true."

3. I Was A Teenage Spy - Boy Meets World

    This episode was so cool and I still dream about it to this day. Cory gets zapped back in time to the 1950's and accidentally mistaken for a Russian spy!

Highlight of the Episode - Natasha and Boris

2. As Time Goes By - Boy Meets World
    This time, Topanga falls into a time vortex and gets transported back in time to the 1840's in a very film noir inspired episode. What can I say, I'm a sucker for time travel!

Highlight of the Episode - The retro detective feel

1. The One With The Rumor - Friends

    My freshman year of college, I spent Thanksgiving alone on campus and managed to watch all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes on constant repeat thanks to Nick at Nite. This one is my absolute favorite and has baby faced Brad Pitt!

Highlight of the Episode - "Did she look 16?"

What are some of your favorite episodes? Let's chat in the comments or tweet me @raineedayze while I queue up some of these to rewatch on Netflix!

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