Sunday, June 11, 2017

June Goals


Hey guys!

I know it is a little late in the month, but I finally set some June goals for myself!

This month is all about doing things that make me happy and finally doing the things I've been putting off.

1. Blog Consistently


     I can feel myself pushing my blog to the side a bit, especially the past week or so. As soon as I get out of work, I have been collapsing on the couch and sleeping until morning. My goal for this month is to at the very least get my 5 Fandom Fridays and weekend recaps posted on time!

2. Draw Something

     So, if you didn't know, my dream is to one day publish some of my comics on here. The problem is, due to lack of time and motivation, I stopped drawing consistently, which really hindered my progress. My goal this month is to draw something at least 2 times a week, whether it be good or bad, letterings or figures. Hopefully, once I get in this habit, I can increase with ease!

3. Fix my hair



      One of my biggest issues in my life is my HAIR. I have long hair that tends to be knotted up on top of my head or pulled into a very bushy, unattractive ponytail. It's super time consuming to fix properly and I tend to give up pretty fast, so this month I want to fix my hair into something presentable that I can feel proud of, at least 2 times a week. 

4. Read 3 Books

     I've been on a good reading groove and I wanted to set a specific goal for myself for my reading. I hope to read more than 3 but at least with this number, I won't feel so overwhelmed.

5. Watch Something New


     I am a horrible TV/Movie watcher. I can watch Parks and Rec 8000 times but will put of Game of Thrones, even though it's been on my watchlist forever!! I did manage to catch up on Riverdale (see my livetweets here) and I liked the feeling of not having to avoid spoilers and getting excited about something. My goal is to start at least one series on my watchlist!

These are my goals for June and we'll see how I did in my June Wrap-Up at the end of the month!! What are your June goals? Let's chat in the comments, or tweet me @raineedayze!

Always, Raineedayze

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