Monday, June 19, 2017

Friends, Food, and Bad Movies

Happy Monday!

This past week was pretty exciting! Monday, I start looking through Snapchat, as I typically do, and I noticed that two of my favorite people EVER, my hometown best friends, are in Dallas. I immediately jump in a group text and find out that, surprise, they are on their way to see me (and Metallica, but mostly me).

Vic, me, and Cassie!

I've been friends with Cassie and Vic since high school, so seeing them just brings me back so many good memories. We spent hours talking about fanfiction, OTPS, other people from back home, and laughing all night. Also, Cassie surprised me with a WAFFLE MAKER! I've been dying to have one for a long time so that was so cool!

Wednesday, Jonathan's friend Josh, flew in from Illinois after visiting his girlfriend and stayed at our place for a few hours. We ended up going to watch "It Comes at Night". The movie was absolutely terrible, so we drowned our sorrows in McDonald's and cooking shows. He also brought Jonathan and I really cool gifts! I absolutely adore my watch!

Hers and His

Thursday was a huge day at work and as soon as I got home, I flopped onto the couch and refused to move until Saturday. The week had been hard on Jonathan as well, who worked so much overtime.

Saturday, Jonathan and I grabbed brunch at this spot I had been dying to go to for years. I got an Eggs Benedict/crabcake perfection dish and I fell in love! I had never had eggs benedict and I'm so glad that was my first. 

I also finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and the audiobook of Lolita, read by Jeremy Irons (Swoon). I just started The Thousandth Floor as well, so expect a review soon!

Overall, I had an excellent week and can't wait to see what else is in store! Have a great week!

~I will be on vacation with my family the last week of June (26th-30th) so posts may be a little off/nonexistent! Thanks for bearing with me!~

Always, Raineedayze 

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