Friday, September 1, 2017

Hello September - September Goals


It's already September and I am completely in the fall spirit!

I even had the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season (and found out I LOVE it iced!)

I am one of those people who gets crazy around this time of year with pumpkins, flannel, apple, and anything orange! So a lot of my goals this month are more fall related than anything!

1. Iggle Doodle Challenge 

Photo credit - @UnicornPrincez4

Last month, I really slacked off on using my tablet to draw. This month I saw this amazing challenge by Jennifer (@UnicornPrincez4), who is an all around awesome Iggle! I can't wait to join and am loving the fun fall elements about it! 

2. Stay Ahead of my Coursework

It's back to school season over here and it's also my senior year! I really want to stay ahead of the game in my classes so I can spend more time enjoying my hobbies guilt-free and not spend my days panicking when I forget about an assignment. This ties in with my next goal...

3. Use My Planner!

I have the most adorable planner that I purchased from Bando. I also have so many cute stickers and craft supplies. I really want to utilize my planner and actually do my weekly spreads instead of putting them off. Not only will it keep me organized, it will be a great outlet for my creativity. Plus have you seen fall planner spreads? GORGEOUS!

4. Blog 1x a week

I really want to keep up with my blog but it isn't realistic to plan to blog more than 2x a week. I want to keep this goal simple so I have more incentive to go over than go too ambitious and feel bad if I don't reach it. Plus, with all that is going on, 1x a week will be healthy enough to keep this place fresh with posts!

5. Decorate for Fall

Have I mentioned that I love fall?? I have some of my decor hanging around but I really want to pumpkin up this place to surround myself with cozy warm feels! Even though it still feels like summertime (thanks Texas), I noticed I always get more motivated and happy during this season!

6. Bake A Pie


What better way to get into the fall spirit than baking a pie? I love to bake, I love pie, and I find the act of baking a pie to be so fun and calming. Plus, PIE!


Those are all my goals for September but I'd love to hear yours! Let's chat in the comments or tweet me @raineedayze!

Always, Raineedayze

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