Thursday, September 14, 2017

The TV Tag

I saw this post floating around the blogosphere and then Michelle over at A Geek Girls Guide tagged anyone who hadn't done it we are!

Make sure you check out her blog as well because it is awesomely adorable and a new favorite of mine!

Let's go!

Favorite TV Shows

How I Met Your Mother, Bob's Burgers, Daria, Superjail, Sealab 2021, Parks and Rec, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, As Told by Ginger, Riverdale, Wayward Pines, Roswell, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek.

 Favorite Genre

Adult animation. Fun fact: Jonathan knows a ton about the behind-the-scenes of many adult animated shows (Superjail, Sealab 2021, etc) and I love learning about them from him.


Least Favorite Show

Probably anything crime-related or about home makeovers. 

Most Rewatched Show 

Probably How I Met Your Mother. I tried getting Jonathan into it but it's a long process.

Do You Prefer Watching Things Week by Week or Binge-Watching?

I don't have cable so I have to watch everything all at once. But usually, I can't focus long enough to watch more than 1-2 episodes at a time.


Favorite Characters

Marshall from HIMYM, Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, Andy Dwyer, and Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, Tina from Bob's Burgers, Daria, Amy Farrah Fowler (TBBT), The Warden and the Mistress from Superjail.


Favorite TV Ships

April and Andy (P&R), Marshall and Lily (HIMYM) , Max and Liz, Michael and Maria (both from Roswell), The Warden and The Mistress (Superjail)

 Show You Could Never Get Into

Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl. I just couldn't enjoy them.


Show You Fell Out Of Love With

30 Rock. After a few seasons, I just couldn't get back into it. 


Cancelled Too Soon

Black Box. I've mentioned it a few times on here but man that show was awesome and ended on such a cliffhanger. Also, Sealab 2021!


Guilty Pleasure Show

Bridezillas!! When Jonathan and I first started dating, we spent one weekend binge-watching this show and he got super into it.


What Are You Currently Watching?

Right now, I'm waiting for Rick and Morty to get on Hulu. I'm also finally watching Game of Thrones!

I tag my favorite TV watcher Becca (seriously, she watches a lot of TV. IDK how she does it!) and anyone else who has yet to do this tag!

Always, Raineedayze

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