Tuesday, January 22, 2019

PAX South Recap

This weekend I surprised Jonathan with tickets to PAX South for our anniversary! We've never been even though it's held right here in San Antonio, and I figured it was time to get out and do something fun.

I bought 3-day passes but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were only able to attend one day. But what a day it was!

Jocelyn as Bowsette

We, along with my friend Jocelyn, took off and as total noobs to the whole scene, were a little nervous about the mob of people but super stoked.

Merch Queen

I ended up picking up some really cool merch, including a D.Va Bunny Blaster, a Tsundere t-shirt and some plushes, including my Stardew Vallew Husband, Shane!

We also got to demo some really exciting games including Wenches with Loot and Arcade Spirits, both which look super cool and had really awesome teams behind them.

I had originally planned to do a full Piranha Plant cosplay, but ran out of time so stuck with a very casual D.Va cosplay to rep my favorite gremlin.

Since we really enjoyed ourselves, we made plans to go to two more conventions this year, something that is really out of our comfort zone since we are both total homebodies. I really want to continue getting out and participating in things like this because I have an excellent time when I do it, even though I get super anxious right before.

Con-anxiety is a very real thing, but when you can push through, it's a really great experience that I will treasure forever. 

Always, Raineedayze

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