Monday, January 21, 2019

Roswell New Mexico: Episode 1 Review

I've written a few times on here about my MASSIVE love of the original Roswell series. It's cheesy 90's goodness and ships fuel my angsty heart.

So when they announced a Roswell reboot about a year ago, I was so stoked and also a little scared. I mean how could anything compare to the original? When it was announced that the characters would be vastly different, not only in age but it personality, I have to admit I wasn't holding out too much hope.

However, last Tuesday the first episode came out and oh my goodness, it was so heckin' good!

Liz and Max still have undeniable chemistry in this series and I am already shipping them so hard. 
OG babies

New gen

I wasn't sure that aging up the characters would be a great idea at first since the high school hijinks was what made the series. After all, it's based on the Roswell High books. However, I have to admit that it definitely made the situations more believable. The parental cluelessness from the original series was pretty outlandish. (Like in Vegas...)

Jeanine Mason plays Liz Ortecho, and gives her a whole lot more sass and fire this round. Plus, Latina representation what up!! From her introduction calling out (perceived) racial profiling and her badass background in science, I am already so excited for this kick-ass main character. 

The rest of the cast is decidedly different from the originals but not in a bad way. Michael is still a hothead from the wrong side of the tracks, but he's not stupid, outscoring Liz in high school.

Max is not as angsty but still has a little brood left inside, making his smolder...well...smoldering.

Maria is still into her spiritual side, reading cards and palms, but is embracing a lot more confidence than her neurotic counterpart.

Kyle, Alex, Sheriff Valenti, and Isobel are multi-faceted and in typical CW fashion, holding secrets that I cannot wait to discover.


Now let's talk about THAT ending...

Bi-con Michael Guerin and Alex Manes gave the best kiss of the year and it's only January. I am so excited to see how their relationship plays out and I am hoping so much for cute flashbacks from high school.

As an avid Michael/Maria shipper, I am conflicted but I am already so in love with this series and cannot wait to see how it goes.

Along with that, Max and Isobel hinted that Rosa's death was not as it seemed. I need to know what happened because the amount of hate the Ortecho's got was hella unjustified.

Overall, this show was not the original, but it was excellent in it's own right.  I definitely feel so much love for both the original and the book series and I'm so stoked to continue with the show. Expect reviews every Wednesday, as the show airs on Tuesday nights!

Did you watch it? Let's chat about it!

Always, Raineedayze


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