Sunday, January 27, 2019

Why You Should Be Watching Derry Girls

I've mentioned a few times here about how much I wish I would be able to watch more TV the past few years. I have so many things on my watch list and then end up re-watching the same things over and over.

However, the past couple of weeks, I've really been making an effort to watch new things and check things off my list. 

Derry Girls was actually not on my immediate watchlist, but after seeing a few different posts on Tumblr about how amazing it was, I decided to check out the first episode.

I am so happy I did. The show focuses on a group of friends in Derry, Ireland in 1992. The main characters are all distinct and hilarious, but very much teen girls (and guy) in their antics and attitude.

The episodes are pretty short, but so funny. I am partial to Michelle, the tough bad influence, but every character brings something fresh to the table. 

The most interesting thing about this show to me though, is the contrast between light-hearted humor and politics in Ireland. One of the characters is from London and the rest of them constantly rag on him about it. It's played for laughs but throughout the series, undertones of conflict, and the violence are always present, providing a haunting reality of the time.

The last episode is probably the most intense however. 


The episode focuses on friendship after Claire comes out to Erin and Erin responds negatively. When Orla gets teased in front of the school, the girls decide that their friendship is worth so much and that they can overcome this. Interspersed with shots of the girls laughing, and dancing together are scenes from Erin's house where Mary, Sarah, Gerry, and the Grandfather are watching the news, confirming that a bomb has gone off. 

It's a somber moment and it's something that sticks with the viewer because of how jarring it is, yet this was reality for many people. 

Season 2 is already confirmed and I am really excited to see how they are going to address this and how the relationship between Claire and Erin will work. 

This show is an absolute must-watch and it's hilarity and history are what make it so unique to TV right now. If you like humor, Irish accents, and friendship, I highly recommend this series.

Have you seen Derry Girls? Let's chat about it?

Always, Raineedayze

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