Thursday, January 24, 2019

Roswell New Mexico: S01Ep2 Review

It's that time again, where we talk about last night's episode of Roswell.

I know what you're thinking. It's only the second episode and I am already late to posting! Well, that's because Wednesday was my 5 year anniversary with Jonathan (post coming soon) and since I watch on the CW app (a gift from the tech gods), I had to watch this episode a bit later than usual. 

But fear not, because I am here to discuss and review the second episode of this series,

I think for the rest of these reviews, excluding the first one, they will all be pretty spoilery, so if you haven't watched the episode, be warned! 


This episode continues with the anniversary of Rosa Ortecho's death. Liz is trying to deal with forgiving her sister and enlists Kyle's help by pulling the autopsy report so she can see come to terms with her sister's drug addiction and how it led to her death.

She also asks Max to walk her through his personal memories of Rosa, to gain some more perspective instead of dwelling on the anger she harbors toward her sister.  He reluctantly obliges and walks Liz through his own memories, but abruptly stops after viewing a memory where she pushes him away, angrily.

Kyle then calls Liz and informs her that a false autopsy report was filed and finds the correct autopsy for Rosa, in which Rosa has an alien handprint over her face, leading them to believe she was murdered by an alien.

Liz recalls the memory of Rosa pushing Max and realizes it was the same day she died, making Max one of the last ones to see her still alive. After Max lies and tells her that he last saw Rosa a few days before she died, Liz reveals Max' secret to Kyle.

My Thoughts

LIZ WHY? Okay, I get that Max lied to her, but immediately outing his alien-ness to Kyle?? GIRL NO! Kyle seems on the good side so far, but I'm nervous how this information will change him and hoping it doesn't reach Sgt. Manes, who seems like the ultimate big bad.

The episode also dealt with a lot of racism and had a pretty brutal scene of guys beating up Arturo, Liz' dad, and telling him to go back to Mexico. I absolutely love Arturo, so that scene just broke my heart so much. He's just such a sweetheart and it's awful but a daily reality for people at the moment.

We also had more Alex/Michael (#Malex) scenes and, guys I ship them so much! We got a little more insight to their history, and I really am hoping for more flashbacks to see how this relationship even happened.

Overall, I love how the show is dealing with actual issues in today's climate and the parallels between aliens from outer space and immigrant "aliens". I think may be something that pushes Max and Liz closer to understanding each other. And I am so anxious to see what really happened the night Rosa died.

Tune in next week, where we will discuss Episode 3!

Always, Raineedayze

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