Monday, January 28, 2019

Wizards and Wands Craft Festival

It's that time of year again!

Every year one of my favorite malls in town holds a Wizards and Wands craft fair, basically a huge Harry Potter-themed extravaganza where I spend way too much money!

I try to go every year because, aside from all the cool merch, there are HP themed snacks, cosplays, and you can support local business which is always a plus.

This year was no different. I had planned to go in full HP gear, but realized, I am SERIOUSLY lacking in Harry Potter clothes. My one HP shirt is a bit too small and I couldn't find my beanie or cloak, so I donned the closest thing to a witchy shirt and a big Harry Potter bow and we headed out.

As soon as we arrived, I saw one of my favorite sellers, Enchanted Enigma Crafts, who makes GORGEOUS fandom charm bracelets. I already own a Wonder Woman one and there was a deal if you bought three so I picked up a Ravenclaw themed bracelet, a Star Trek themed bracelet, and a Supernatural themed bracelet. I'm absolutely in love with them and they make me feel so fancy while repping my faves.

Above: Supernatural---Below: Star Trek

Walking around we stopped for some cupcakes to refuel during this journey. Jonathan got a butterbeer flavored one and I got the most adorable Gryffindor-themed vanilla cupcake. The picture doesn't do the Butterbeer justice because IRL the sugar made it look like it was foamy mug at the Three Broomsticks, which was really cool.

I also picked up this really adorable print for the entranceway of my house. I love the Burrow and I think it sums up my home pretty well. 

I of course, had to accessorize. I managed to snag some super cool bows from another one of my favorite vendors. I buy bows from her shop every time I visit, so I already knew I was gonna be picking some up. The Harry Potter one is a leather-like material and is super pretty when you pin it in your hair, so it's definitely going to be one of my staples.
Wonder Woman!

Lastly, I found these adorable earrings with my favorite half-giant, Hagrid, on them.  I'm so in love with these and I need more Hagrid in my life (seriously most underrated character), so I was so excited to find these.

Overall, I spent way too much money but I am so happy with all my purchases and can't wait til next year!

Always, Raineedayze

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