Monday, August 22, 2016

Captain's Log #7: A New Hope




Good morning my lovely readers!

This week, I started working on bettering our household and making it more of a home for us. As you all know because I won't shut up about it, we actually started decorating our house and decluttering all the nonsense bits around here. It finally made this place feel like less of an apartment we moved into and more like a home that was made for us. 

So, since I'm filling the main role of the homemaker, I started putting more effort into the work that I had to do and started seeing it as not just work but something that creates an enjoyable space, not only for me but for Jon and any company that may be over. It also prevents me from having to "crisis clean" when I want to take photos or videos around my apartment. 

I'm planning on putting my daily/weekly schedules on another post, where I'll go more in depth about my life and the stuff I do. 

Also, we had a party this weekend! Becca, her boyfriend Johnathan (with an H), Karina, her boyfriend Danny, and Marta (my gang of buddies) all came by for an end of summer bash. Jonathan (no H, aka mine) and I made a concoction we dubbed "Zombie Juice" and oh boy, that stuff sure lived up to it's name. Here's us at the end of the night.

L-R: Karina, Marta, me, and Becca

We had an absolute blast and I was so happy to be able to spend a great night with the people I love.

I feel like I've talked enough for one Captain's Log so let's do this.

Our Farmhouse Life (Youtube). I found this series on Youtube through the Flylady website and I absolutely adore Hilary. She documents her life as a minimalist homemaker and her organization videos are to die for. Plus, she's always real about her lazy days and I like her truthfulness. Check her out here.

GTA V (Xbox One). I know I talked about this game previously but this game has been one of the only things I've been super excited about. Between the stress of my job, school starting back up, financial stress, and just general meh feels, it's nice to get to live a wildly different life and perform heists with Jonathan. We get to cut loose and talk trash to each other and I just miss hanging out. It's cheesy, it's offensive, but it's awesome. 

I know my Captain's Log posts have gotten a little thin lately, but between my job stress and my home stress, these are honestly the only things I've been able to do. I don't have tons of off time anymore and when I do, I really don't want to spend it trying to get myself into new things. We shall see how things go though.

Always, Raineedayze

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Captain's Log #6 - Camping Adventures

Howdy internet!

Hopefully your upcoming week is looking good. We just got back Sunday from a family camping trip on the Guadalupe river! It's not summer without laying in a tube with a beer in your hand!

Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for one day. We meant to go on Friday but Jon and I both got pretty sick so we postponed until Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning after breakfast, we packed up and came home before Jonathan left to work. I adore him so much but the man works so much. 

In case you were wondering why this Captain's Log is so late, it's been pretty crazy in our household lately. As soon as I get home, I collapse into bed and don't wake until it's time to make dinner. I then go back to sleep until I go to work in the morning. It's insane. We just got XboxOnes and have yet to really play them because we are just so exhausted all the time. 

So, without further ado....

Wayward Pines, Season 2. I know I talked about this in a previous post but OH MY GOSH THIS SEASON!!!! We just finished the season and I cannot wait until the next season. It was so trippy and twist after twist kept hitting us in the end.

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One). Like I said, Jon surprised me with an Xbox One right before we went on vacation. I haven't had a huge chance to enjoy it much but one of the games I did get installed was GTA V. This game is my guilty pleasures and it's so good to have it because me and Jon are always down for a good heist. 

As you can tell, I haven't had much time to do anything lately. Hopefully, this next week shall be tons better. We are having a party on Friday and then it will be the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER!


Always, Raineedayze

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Captain's Log #5: It's D&D!

Happy Monday everybody!

This week, I am still on my nerd high from this weekend. Your girl learned D&D yall!

We attended a workshop on Saturday for D&D character creation at our local game shop. I had heard of this game shop from a Geek Girl Brunch but hadn't been able to check it out until this weekend but OH MY GOSH it was amazing!
Workshop photo! Courtesy of Knight Watch Games

I had never played D&D before but I always wanted to try it out. Jonathan knew more about it than I did but he also has never played, so we attended a character creation workshop that turned into 7 hours of us learning and exploring the different character types and creating our first characters!!! I chose a Noble Rogue Tiefling and Jonathan created a Soldier Dragonborn Barbarian. It was so much fun bringing these characters to life and we made new friends! The guy running the workshop is going to help us set up groups sometime in the next few months so I'm really excited to read the handbook and develop my character more for our first game! 

Aside from that, let's get to our Captain's Log this week!

D&D Players Handbook 5th Edition. Obviously this is at the forefront of my reading list because I'm so ready to know everything about the game. I'm extremely excited to learn more and develop my skills with this book.

Pokemon: Indigo League. When I was a kid, I wasn't able to watch Pokemon. My parents mostly made me watch whatever they watched, so I missed out on that whole era. With Pokemon Go out, Jonathan decided it was high time for me to watch some Pokemon so we found this gem on Netflix and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!

Spelunky (XBOX 360). This was a free game and I decided to check it out since it reminds me so much of Terreria. I really liked the game but I wasn't a huge fan of the permadeath. Still, a fun way to pass the time!

Happy Wars (Steam, Free-to-Play). Most of the games I get from Steam are free-to-play. I found this game while looking for some good co-ops and oh my gosh this game is adorable. Sadly, it doesn't run on Jon's laptop but it's such a cute game!! A goofy RPG that will definitely have you giggling!

UPDATE: Apparently this post never published on it's schedule, so I'm sorry for the late post!! 

What are you guys up to? Let's chat about it babes!


Always, Raineedayze

Sunday, August 7, 2016

End of Summer?

Hey ya'll!

Today it hit me that in a few weeks, Summer 2016 will be over and it will be back to the daily grind. I feel like this summer has been a very big turning point in my life. I finally got a car and no longer have to take the bus around town. I made amends with a person whom I thought I would never speak to again. We actually made our apartment a home, something we never did with our old apartment. And I started this blog!

I think I've also grown more as a person this summer. When I first came here and when I first got together with Jonathan, I was very dependent on other people to do everything for me. Now, I find myself actually running through things that need to be done and seeing how much I can fit in so he doesn't have to do them. I am becoming my own person which is only making us closer to our goal of building a great future for ourselves. I've stopped feeling entitled to treating myself when I  couldn't afford it. (Note: I still treat myself. Just not always by buying things when I need to budget). 

I've also met so many wonderful, interesting, like-minded people by participating in events with our Geek Girl Brunch Chapter and participating in events with the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. I'm even doing camp for the first time this year! 

When I reflect back on this summer, I know I'm going to miss it. There are so many great memories. But I also know that I can now take these things and apply them to become an even better version of myself from now on. I can continue to grow. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Loot Crate Level Up - Futuristic July

Hey ya'll! 

Today I'll be reviewing July's Loot Crate Level Up package! The theme for this month is "Futuristic". I originally subscribed to the actual Loot Crate box and the Level Up but I just reduced my subscription this month to just two of the Level Up items. Luckily, there was a bundle package for the Lvl Up T-shirt plus the Loot Crate for Her item for $20.00, which were the two I was most excited to get. Let's open it up!

 The bag felt surprisingly light this month. Even though I only get two items, the past few months have been pretty big items so I could already tell this was going to be a bit different.

These were the two items in the bag. It didn't come with a card this month for some reason. The Voltron shirt is really cool and the colors are very bright against the blue background. It reminds me a lot of Majora's Mask because of the blocky prism effect.
As for the Bioshock tank, I love the material and the fact that it's a tank top. I have yet to play Bioshock so I can't comment on the design much. But the colors are very cute and I enjoy the design.

Because this didn't come with a card, I had to watch multiple unboxings to figure out what the tank top was supposed to represent, which kind of bummed me out. All in all, this was a decent month but I think I can't appreciate it as much since I'm not a huge Bioshock fan. I was hoping that Rick and Morty would be part of these items instead of just the socks but that's the risk you take with a subscription box.

What do you think? Is it worth the money? Let's chat about it!

 Always, Raineedayze

Monday, August 1, 2016

Captain's Log #4: Long Time, No Blog

Hello there, peaches!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a little MIA the past week. Work was incredibly busy and when I wasn't there, I was catching up around the house. At long last, we are finally decorating!! Here's what we've gotten up so far.

Our Bar


Although I've been running behind on emails, social media, and the blog, I had to be here for our weekly Captain's Log! Let's do this!

Sex and The City (HBO GO). I unabashedly love this show. I've been watching it for years but now that I finally have HBO GO, I decided to rewatch the series from the beginning. I've read the book the show is based on and in the first season, it's very true to the novel style. However, the first season has always been one of my least favorites. All first seasons are still finding the character styles and writing direction so it's always a bit different than the rest of the show, but I love having this gem on my TV while I clean and work online. 

We'll Never Have Paris (Starz). I hear about this movie on the Nerdist podcast a few months ago. Simon Helberg (Howard from The Big Bang Theory) creates and stars in this movie, based on the time he accidentally left his then-girlfriend, now-wife. I loved this movie and it tugged at my little heart. Funny, romantic, and a little slow to start, you'll be glad you watched it!

Pac-Man Party (2DS). Jonathan surprised me with a bunch of games for my 2DS and I immediately got hooked on this game. It's very simple, much like Mario Party meets Monopoly. Story mode has Pacman (the player) against the ghosts to collect a certain number of cookies by going through the bard, building castles, and winning minigames. It sounds a little strange, but it's a pretty fun way to pass the time.

Life is Strange (Xbox). Life is Strange just became free on Xbox Live, so of course I had to get it. I've been wanting to play it for awhile so I'm super behind but I love this game! It's a game that plays based on your choices, so gameplay is vastly different each time. I just started the game the other day, so I'm still getting the feel for it. However, it's very promising and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Pocket Mortys (Android and iOS). This game plays like Pokemon but instead of catching Pokemon, you catch variations of Morty from different universes in order to battle the Council of Ricks. As a huge fan of  Rick and Morty, this game is funny and addicting. Jonathan and I have been playing it in lieu of Pokemon Go recently and I adore it!

Silver Crystal for Sailor V (Android). I actually found out about this game from Desiree's blog and immediately downloaded it. It's absolutely adorable and I find myself pulling out my phone every time I have a free moment just to collect for gems. I unlocked Sailor Jupiter right before I broke my phone but the data never saved so I have to unlock my characters again (*tears*), however, due to my obsession with it, I'm very close to 10,000 gems again. This game is only available through their website or their FB page, so check it out!  

 What are you guys up to this week? Let's chat!

Always, Raineedayze