Sunday, February 11, 2018

My 23rd Birthday

It's a shiny new day on this side of 23.

My birthday was on Tuesday and even though I had an excruciatingly long lab in the morning, I was pretty excited though because Jonathan managed to get  the day off.

We headed to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, where we tore through a ton of Carribean Jerk wings and fried pickles. After lunch, we drove around town for a bit and then headed to watch Winchester. The Drafthouse gives members free movie tickets for their birthday and since we went during the work day, it was nice and empty.

Winchester was pretty bad.....well really bad. But after a bottle of wine and a FANTASTIC boozy milkshake, I was feeling pretty good.

We ended our night at the pub where we got to watch some pub trivia and got a nice buzz.

Jonathan picked up an ice cream cake and we headed home to order some pizza. However, as soon as the pizza guy knocked, I was ready to crash out.

I ended up with leftover pizza and cake (no worries, they made a great after school snack the next day) and a bunch of fantastic memories!

I'm pretty excited to see what I can accomplish this year and hope to make 23 a great year!

Always, Raineedayze

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