Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ABC Challenge Tag!




  1. The post was created by Stuart of Something to Stu Over.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.
  3. Display the challenge photo or create your own.
  4. Link back to this post so I can read yours.
  5. Create one post or multiple posts, using a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and share your thoughts on the word you chose and how it can be applied to our lives.
  6. Be creative and have fun!

A is for...ANIME!


I'm a huge anime nerd so I definitely had to add this on here. My favorites are more shojou anime like K-On or anything super cute like Sailor Moon!

B is for...Books!

If you've read any of this blog, you probably know how much I love books, bookish things, and being a bookworm!

C is for... Cereal!

I'm kind of obsessed with cereal. Idk why I just love it. It's like the perfect meal.

D is for... D.VA!

I'm a huge D.Va fangirl, even basing my entire computer build and battlestation area around her and her aesthetic! Also, my most prized possesion besides my PC is probably my D.Va autograph from Charlet Chung!

E is for... Eyeshadow!

I'm a huge makeup junkie but my two ultimate vices are lipstick and eyeshadow.  I kind of have an obsession.

F is for... Flamin' Hot Cheetos products!

Hello permanently stained red fingers! Also I love them so much that it's permanently on my blog header!

G is for... GLITTER!

H is for... Harry Potter!

I've been a massive HP fan since I was a kid and it honestly shaped my life so darn much that I obviously had to include it!

I is for... Ice Cream!

I LOVE ice cream. It's just one of the most perfect desserts. It's comforting, cold, aesthetically pleasing, and there are so many flavors. I'm pretty sure it single-handedly was the cause of my "freshman 15" in college since I spent most nights with a pint of peanut butter cup ice cream and my laptop.

J is for... Jupiter!


Clearly the best Sailor Scout.

K is for... Kirby Krackle!


If you haven't listened to Kirby Krackle, you are missing out on some awesome nerdy jams! Here's one of my favorites!

L is for... Lipstick!

In high school it was kind of my brand to wear bright red lipstick and I am all about crazy colors, trying different brands, and expressing myself through my lip color. I love it so much, I needed a whole separate makeup case just for my lipsticks!

M is for... Madonna!

Catch me drunk-singing Madonna every time I go out. I think I also dressed up as her for Halloween about 5 times because 80's Madge is best.

N is for... Nick Jonas!


O is for... Orange!

This is one of my absolute favorite colors besides pink and apparently that's kind of weird so I thought I would mention it here. I just think the color is so happy and yet relaxing and it's just great!

P is for... PIE!

Love me some pie.

Q is for...Quidditch!

The only sport I understand!

R is for... Rock 'n' Roll!

Rock music, specifically classic rock and the history of it has always been one of my favorite subjects and things and I can't get enough.

S is for... Star Trek!


I'm a huge Trek nerd so I had to include this on the list!

T is for... Texas!


Texas has it's faults but it is like it's own country and damn, if I ain't in love with my state.

U is for... Universe!

I'm a huge space geek and I did stretch this a bit but I had to include it!

V is for... Vanellope von Schweetz!


W is for... Wonder Woman!

X is for... Xbox!

One of my most prized posessions has to be my Xbox One X. I may spend a lot of time on my PC but at my heart I am a console gamer.

Y is for... Yuri!

Not that kind of yuri, but instead Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club! She is best girl, fight me about it.

Z is for... Zone-Tan!

We'll just leave it at that...

That's my ABCS! Feel free to join in on this challenge! It was so much fun and it was actually pretty challenging! 


Always, Raineedayze

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